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SDG present ‘TIME OF MY  LIFE’ by Alan Ayckbourn’

Time of My Life
Families and the past! You can’t change them, no matter how much you’d like to!

Stewarton Drama Group are currently gearing up for their October production of ‘Time Of My Life’ , a comedy-drama by the acclaimed Alan Ayckbourn.
The Strattons appear to have it all; Dad Gerry oversees a booming family business; both sons, Glyn and Adam are finally settling down with Steph and Maureen; and matriarch Laura is about to celebrate her birthday.

Though it can be grim up north, there are laughs aplenty, in this “play inspired by a master craftsman and cunning psychologist working at full stretch: harsh and funny, simple and cunning, generous but unforgiving” (The Sunday Times).

The production hits the stage of the town’s Area Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October 2018.

The play is set in the Essa De Calvi restaurant and as the family gather for Laura’s birthday, family secrets will out in a story that unfolds forwards and backwards in time!

Tickets for the production priced at £8.00 each are on sale now at Stewarton Library or can be reserved by emailing the Group at

There will be a licensed bar with wine (and ice-cream) on sale each evening.
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